Balala Xiao Mo Xian: Xing Yuan Die Qi 1
Balala Xiao Mo Xian: Xing Yuan Die Qi 1, 巴啦啦小魔仙之星緣蝶啓1, Balala The Fairies: Star Fate Butterfly Awakening,
Thể Loại: Fantasy, Mahou Shoujo,
Tình Trạng:
Season: TV · Summer 2023
Episodes: 26
10 Lượt Xem

The Fairies Xia Letong, Yan Keke and Bai Yinyue, along with their Transfer Elf partners Buding, Milu and Lubi awaken the Garden of Spirit Spring, Island of Fantastical Summer and Park of Warm Autumn which contains the energy of the four seasons. Taking up the role of guardians, they must maintain the balance of the four seasons. However, Siqi, the guardian of the Cliffs of Frigid Winter was deceived, and now intends to freeze over the other three seasons, to restore the order of Frigid Winter. While the fairies guard the four season, they experience all kinds of trouble. In the process, they must learn to accept themselves, tolerate others and look at problems more comprehensively. At the same time, they will deepen their bonds with one another. In the end, their courage and understanding will turn defeat into victory and resolve the winter crisis! (Source: Balala The Fairies Wiki)